Vehicle Ceramic Coating

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5 Year 3M Ceramic Coating Starting at $1,200!


Our ceramic coatings will increase the hardness of your vehicle’s outer surface, and any surface scratches can be easily removed with polish that will not damage or weaken the original clear coat. Not only does this coating also preserve the original factory paint, its properties keep mud, dirt and grime from bonding with your car’s paint, keeping it cleaner for a longer period of time.


The word “ceramic” seems to be everywhere these days. In our business, we see it in both the window tinting and the detailing side of our company. In the simplest terms, ceramic coating is a process where a liquid is applied to the surface of the vehicle. Once dried, it is much harder than the paint of the vehicle, making it tough to accumulate scratches from washing and everyday use. It also acts as a very “slick” layer of protection that repels water, debris, droppings and more. Your vehicle will still get dirty and dusty; however, it cleans much easier and will eliminate the need for polishing and waxing for years. With the proper maintenance, it will leave your paint with a deep, polished look year after year.

This will save you time and money on detailing your vehicle as well as give you that great feeling of confidence that your ride is looking good all the time! Feel free to stop by anytime to learn more about the process, to see what our other customers have to say or even just to talk about cars.

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